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What Type Of Bucket Should You Use With Your Excavator? Excavators, both the mini variety as the standard sized options, are some of the most versatile types of heavy construction equipment you can use for your residential project. And whether you have chosen to invest in this machinery and buy it outright or are looking to lease one from an equipment provider, the first decision you need to make is the type of bucket you should utilise. While this is dependent on your project, there are several considerations to be had in mind. As an avid DIYer, I have spent a lot of time researching excavators, buckets and other accessories. In this blog, I have compiled information such as the differences between general-purpose and v-shaped buckets, how soil type will affect your choice of excavator bucket, various applications for the excavator buckets and so on.



Various Kinds of Trailer Hitches for Your Construction Equipment

Trailers are essential when you take on a construction project. They come in handy when you need to move material and equipment around the site. The powered tractors and trucks will only deliver what you need if you attach them to good-quality trailers. The link between the tractors and trucks is made possible by the use of specialised linking equipment known as a trailer hitch. There are several kinds of trailer hitches designed to match various applications in the construction site. Read on to learn more about these trailer hitches:

Front-Mount Trailer Hitch 

Front-mount trailer hitches are a versatile tool that you should consider having on your trucks. This kind of hitch is similar to a rear-receiver hitch, but the mounting happens at the front of the tractor or truck. Essentially, a front-mount hitch attaches to the frame of the truck, giving it adequate strength to support various equipment. You can use them to install snow ploughs, fit cargo carriers, fit winches or mount spare tyres for the construction equipment. Moreover, front-mount hitches also come in handy when you need to park your trailer in a tight space. 

Gooseneck Trailer Hitches

Gooseneck hitches are best suited for mobile and light-duty trucks in your construction site. When fitting them, these hitches always attach to the area around the rear axle of the truck. It could be right behind or just over the axle. This kind of setup comes with several advantages compared to other hitch layouts. First, they are less intrusive, allowing you to maximise all the available space you have on the truck bed. Secondly, they are adaptable to the weight capabilities of the truck you are using. This allows you to use them for carrying stuff and for other heavy-duty applications such as towing large machinery. 

Rear-Receiver Trailer Hitches

Rear-receiver hitches are the most popular types of hitches. Well, this is no surprise considering that many heavy construction machines are designed for towing trailers from the backside. The mounting of the hitch goes directly to the frame of the truck or tractor. It has a square-shaped receiver tube that allows you to insert several things onto the hitch, and you can use it for many applications. The most popular one is towing a trailer for carrying stuff. 

Typically, the size of the squared-shaped section varies with the rating of the hitch. A hitch with a high rating, traditionally designed to for towing heavily laden trailers, will come with a more prominent tube.

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