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What Type Of Bucket Should You Use With Your Excavator? Excavators, both the mini variety as the standard sized options, are some of the most versatile types of heavy construction equipment you can use for your residential project. And whether you have chosen to invest in this machinery and buy it outright or are looking to lease one from an equipment provider, the first decision you need to make is the type of bucket you should utilise. While this is dependent on your project, there are several considerations to be had in mind. As an avid DIYer, I have spent a lot of time researching excavators, buckets and other accessories. In this blog, I have compiled information such as the differences between general-purpose and v-shaped buckets, how soil type will affect your choice of excavator bucket, various applications for the excavator buckets and so on.



Scissor Lifts For Commercial Construction: 5 Reasons To Choose Diesel

Scissor lifts are versatile and reliable pieces of access equipment and are particularly prized in the commercial construction industry for their ability to provide safe, stable working areas at elevated heights. However, scissor lifts come in many shapes and sizes, and not all are suitable for the rigours of commercial construction projects.

While an increasing number of modern scissor lifts are powered by quiet, zero-emission electric motors, there is still a lot to be said for more traditional, diesel-powered scissor lifts. Here are five reasons why diesel scissor lifts are ideal for use in the commercial construction industry:

Very powerful

Modern electric scissor lifts are surprisingly powerful, but if you need a scissor lift that can safely lift and support huge amounts of weight, the raw power of a diesel scissor lift is still unmatched. Many diesel scissor lifts can support well over a ton in weight at full elevation, making them ideal for lifting large amounts of construction materials or numerous skilled workers to an elevated work site.

Taller models available

The added power of diesel engines means that diesel scissor lifts can support heavy weights safely at higher elevations than electric lifts, and the very tallest scissor lifts available are exclusively powered by diesel. If you need a particularly tall scissor lift to reach high working areas, such as warehouse roof cavities or cooling tower stacks, diesel power is usually the best option, and in many cases, it is the only practical option.

Do not require local electrical hookups

While many electric scissor lifts have integrated batteries, these batteries have a very limited running time. If you need to use an electric scissor lift for more than a few hours, it must be plugged into a nearby source of electricity.

Diesel scissor lifts are much less restricted by fuel considerations; diesel fuel is easy to transport and store, and a diesel scissor lift can be used indefinitely as long as enough fuel is kept on hand. This makes diesel scissor lifts very useful for construction projects located in rural or underdeveloped areas, and they are particularly prized in the agricultural construction sector.


Diesel engines are robustly built, are relatively mechanically simple and tend to be very reliable as a result. Diesel scissor lifts require very little maintenance over their long working lives, and spares and replacement parts are easy to obtain. In the unlikely event that your diesel scissor lift malfunctions, it will probably be much easier and cheaper to repair than an electric scissor lift, which must be fixed using complex and expensive diagnostic tools.

Low running costs

Compared to most petroleum-based fuels, diesel is relatively efficient, and a single tank of diesel can keep an average diesel scissor lift running for hours at a time. Most diesel scissor lifts consequently have very low fuel consumption — combine this with their low maintenance requirements, and diesel scissor lifts become very inexpensive to keep running long-term. 

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